B2B Platforms Today

What Are The Top B2B Platforms Today?

Even people with no experience in the field of eCommerce know that B2B eCommerce, as a specific type of eCommerce, is on the rise. The business to business concept is doing well on the Internet just like the business to customer concept. But, if you want to take advantage of this trend, you will have to create a website. Instead of investing a lot of money by hiring professional web developers, you can always rely on the B2B platforms. In this article, we will analyze the top B2B platforms today.

Red Technology’s Tradeit

This is a relatively popular B2B eCommerce platform which is usually used by companies that are part of the manufacturing and distribution sectors. What’s interesting about it is that it comes with an MS .NET and SQL Server certificate. Some of the most important features of Tradeit include the ability to set minimum and maximum order quantities, the use of various credit limits created for certain categories of clients, the chance to create multiple price lists for clients and more.


This is another great example of an efficient B2B eCommerce platform. Once again, most of the users of this platform are manufacturers, but this platform is used by other categories of business owners like wholesale distributors for example. This is a fully functional, cloud-based solution. Insite comes equipped with built-in analytics system which provides thorough insights. A smart business owner can use these insights to improve their business operations. It’s very easy to handle product information with the help of this platform. In addition, the platform simplifies the transactions.


GoECart lets users experience B2B eCommerce without any boundaries and limits. This is a highly customizable platform which allows you to create great websites in the B2B sector. GoECart represents an ideal order management and CRM management system that will help you fulfill all your orders. What’s special is that users can get sales tax support and a useful re-ordering option.


We will finish this list with ShopVisible. This B2B eCommerce platform provides a high level of convenience. You can come up with an eCommerce solution with a responsive design. Thanks to ShopVisible you can easily alter product information and get the needed support for drop shipping activities. It’s easy to set different sets of prices for different categories of clients too which is very important in the B2B industry.

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