How to Enable Shopify B2B Powers: The Activation of the “Wholesale” Application

Wondering how to operate on both B2C and B2B model with Shopify?
How to enable Shopify B2B powers?
Read this article and find out!
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With a host of ecommerce solutions, business owners have too many platforms to compare. SaaS or fully hosted solutions like Shopify is usually selected by retailers with relatively simpler business models, however, there are some great apps in the App Store that can improve your store by adding almost any feature you have in mind. If you are like most retailers and plan to operate on both B2C and B2B model with Shopify, you are in the right place. In this article, we will show you how to enable Shopify B2B powers.

Whenever you visualize having an online store on B2B model, you are thinking of features such as customer group/level specific discounts, catalog and category specific discounts, minimum order quantities, volume discounts, and more. These are apps that can enable your Shopify shop with all of these features. If you are planning to sell to your wholesalers, distributors and end customers, you can do it from one same store.

Customer group specific price:

You can have multiple customer groups like Wholesalers, Distributors, and Retailers or they can be on different levels of B2B customers like Bronze level, Silver level, Gold level, and etc. By activating the Wholesale application, you can configure different discount percentages for these groups.

Catalog and category specific discounts:

The categories are referred to as collections. If you have multiple collections of products, you might be interested in providing the same percentage of discount to products of all categories or collections. You can determine discount percentages specific to collections and customer groups. For example, the wholesale buyers can get a 20% discount in products from Apparel collection and 50% discount on Jewelry.

Minimum order quantities:

The primary characteristics of wholesale purchasers will be that these people buy in bulk. You can specify a minimum order quantity for a customer group and you can define it specific to collections or categories. For example, wholesale purchasers can get a discount if they place an order in number equal of greater than 10 units. You can create your own minimum order quantities.

Volume discount:

 In B2B world, in order to attract a customer to purchase more items upsell offers are provided. You might like to give an extra discount based on a few different factors such as total cart value, a particular number of units of a product, and a total number of units in the cart. You can determine discount ranges based on values. Also, you can define the upsell message that will show in the shopping cart before checkout.

These are some of the features offered by the standard application. The Wholesale pricing application seems to be one of the most popular apps in the Shopify marketplace. It doesn’t create duplicate variants (unlike other applications) and maintains separate prices for various customer groups. The application is not free, it costs $24/month, however, it does have certain restrictions on volume and some features need a one-time activation fee (plus the monthly fee). The activation fees including setting up the first theme (free of charge), setting up extra themes (this will cost you $25), advanced minimums (this will cost you $99), and volume discounts (this will also cost you $99). The limits are up to 500 monthly wholesale orders ($24/month) and up to 2000 monthly wholesale orders ($49/month). For unlimited orders, it is $99/month.

If you are interested in using this application on Shopify B2B platform, download it now, and enjoy the benefits it offers.

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